Garage Ceiling Repairs Melbourne

Look no further than Just Plaster for your next garage ceiling repair. We take care of the entire process from demolition, to electrical, to installation and even offer a painting service for garage ceiling repairs. We have done hundreds of garage ceilings in Melbourne over the past 15 years and that’s why we know specialise in the field. Unfortunately, Garage ceilings are the most neglected when it comes to new builds, hence the reason they are lucky to last between 5 – 10 years at the most. It seems the builders like to cut corners, using the bare minimum effort and all the leftover materials for garage ceilings.

When we remove old garage ceilings, we often find the ceiling joists are too far spread, not enough glue or screws were used, battens mostly used, screw and glue spacing not to Australian standards, wrong sheet sizes and the list goes on. In most cases where your garage ceiling has dropped or needs repair a full demolition and installation needs to occur. To save on extra costs we can at times work around the low volt lighting and we tend to leave the garage door motor intact and work around it. As part of our service we will manage your garage ceiling repair adn installation from start to finish – handing over your new ceiling in around 3 working days.

We are experienced and registered builders and our team consist of experienced and insured trades that all share our vision on the job done right with a strong commitment to customer service. We also have Work cover, public liability insurance and are members of HIA and MBA. To give you and idea of the scope of works for a garage ceiling please see the following steps below:

– Protection of flooring using drop sheets
– Removal of all electrical lighting
– Removal or Support to garage door roller door
– Removal existing ceiling and cornice
– Install extra ceiling joist where required
– Install ceiling battens if required
– Install new plasterboard ceiling and cornice
– Reinstate any electrical such as lighting
– Sand, removal all waste and clean site
– Painters to apply 2 coats of low sheen ceiling white
– Handover complete

We will manage the entire process – all we ask you to do is ensure the garage is emptied prior to our arrival. If you don’t have the man power or cant move certain things we are happy to help with the lifting and can work around a few things here and there. We have set prices for garage ceilings whether it be a carport, alfresco area, single, double or triple garage ceiling. All you need to do is send us a few pictures along with approximate size via phone or email. From there we can gauge the amount of lights, cornice types, size of ceiling, roller motor type and the general layout of the garage. We can send you an estimate the same day and if we cant, we will organise a free in home quotation.

Looking to hire qualified and professional plasterers in Melbourne for your garage ceiling repair, contact us CUSTOMER ENQUIRIES